Beyond Shakespeare

Beyond Shakespeare

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Adapted for the stage and performed by Robert Crighton

Ghost of Richard III

A Full Cast Audio Adaptation of Gammer Gurton's Needle by Mr S. 
A Comedy in which Gammer Gurton loses her needle, which opens up the household to mischief by one Diccon, the Bedlam. 
Diccon was played by Heydn McCabe, Hodge by Geir Madland, Tib by Gillian Horgan, Gammer Gurton by Sarah Golding, Cock by Simon Nader, Dame Chat by Pamela Flanagan, Doctor Rat by Rob Myson and Master Baily by Andy Barrett. Technical presentation and opening narration by Robert Crighton. 

The Life and Death of Jack Straw by Anonymous - A Full Cast Audio Adaptation

The Peasants Revolt has begun! Jack Straw and his fellow rebels head to London to demand an end to unfair taxes from the king. The fourteen year old king Richard II and his counsellors are completely unprepared for the revolt that quickly spirals out of control. 
"We owe God a death, and we can but die!"

Jack Straw is played by Pollie Hall, Wat Tyler by Leigh McDonald, Tom Miller by Hugh Weller-Poley, John Ball by Rob Myson and Nobs by Sarah Golding.