What's really important on those special occasions like Christmas? Particular pertinent in these very uncertain times.

Sara is an academic, author and long-standing member of Sudbury Dramatic Society.  Here she chooses some pieces to read outside The Quay on a glorious sunny day!

'Sonnet to Summer' by Sara Knight 

'Nervous Prostration' by Anna Wickham (1884-1947) 

Bryan is back on the towpath with anther fine selection of poetry as follows:

'The Assembly Cough' by Jez Alborough
'A Child of the Dales' by Gervais Phinn

'Tiger Tiger Revisited' by Michaela Morgan

'The Troublesome Wink' by Norman Grant

We filmed MJ Fouldes performing on the Quay's towpath a couple of weeks ago.  

We hope you enjoy the four poems, the first poem Michael wrote for the Quay Theatre.  It is a potent reminder of the strange times we are living through, and the horrendous challenges facing all our theatres and arts venues.  Thank you Michael.  Please enjoy more of Michael's poetry and music on his instagram page @mjfouldes

1. The Bard He Weeps Tonight

2. The Truth of Me

3. Choose Love

4. Turbulent

Filmed on a blustery day this week, we hope you enjoy watching Bryan Thurlow perform some 20th century poetry in the scenic surround of the Quay towpath.  Beautiful!