We will be adding content here provided by local writers and performers, filmed in the theatre and the surrounding area.

Bez Berry, writer and performer and friend of The Quay has put pen to paper and words to video to give us hope for The Quay for re-opening!

A selection of prose and verse embracing also divine mystery, child-bearing in eighteenth-century Constantinople, and crocodiles. A fairly random selection, then, and only up to a point representative of everyday activity here at The Quay!

By Mike and Sue Fahie-Wilson

"Fourteen years ago we moved to Shimpling Street, just north of Sudbury in the hills which the locals call the Suffolk Alps. It was a good move – uplifting views over beautiful farmland in every direction. Sudbury is our local town and similarly blessed by the beauty of the countryside around it and especially by the river – Sudbury on the Stour. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic gave us cause to reflect on how fortunate we are to live in this lovely corner of Suffolk and how important it is to appreciate and cherish it."

The Oak Papers is an homage to the oak tree and the important role it plays today, in our landscape and in our lives James Canton spent two years sitting with and studying the ancient Honywood Oak.